Creating Disaggregated Network Services with eBPF: the Kubernetes Network Provider Use Case


The eBPF technology enables the creation of custom and highly efficient network services, running in the Linux kernel, tailored to the precise use case under consideration. However, the most prominent examples of such network services in eBPF follow a monolithic approach, in which all required code is created within the same program block. This makes the code hard to maintain, to extend, and difficult to reuse in other use cases. This paper leverages the Polycube framework to demonstrate that a disaggregated approach is feasible also with eBPF, with minimal overhead, introducing a larger degree of code reusability. This paper considers a complex network scenario, such as a complete network provider for Kubernetes, presenting the resulting architecture and a preliminary performance evaluation.

In 2022 IEEE 8th International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft)